Tringularity is a Brand Philosophy Experience

We inspire to explore purpose and create an introspective experience.

We innovate experiencing Films by involving the community in the process. 

We create purpose orientated within a sustainable cycle, build be the community.

With WEB3 we can re-define how you experiencemovies & Stories.

What started as a thought, is slowly manifesting into reality.

The Founder

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Gregory KOEFER

Writer & Director
Gregory Koefer is a Swiss writer & director with an affinity for introspective motion pictures that generate curiosity, evoke mystery, and challenge viewers to explore their perception of reality. He worked for several years as independent filmmaker in the commercial sector and started shifting his Focus into Film & Web3 in 2021.


What’s on your mind?
You might find your answers here.

Tringularity is a Company (LLC) based in Zurich Switzerland and founded by Gregory Koefer.

It’s a brand that focuses on telling stories within the Motion Picture realm.

Hourglass is a 17-20min short film written and directed by Gregory Köfer.

The story is written and the team, cast and location secured. Hourglass is still in the financing phase, in which a party will be funded through the sales of NFT Tickets.

The NFT does NOT give you IP rights to the film. But it gives you utility described on the website. The utility depends on the type of ticket you purchase. From exclusive access to the script, premiere, trailer, music or post-production process to the actual movie props, physical posters and even Executive Producer Credits. 

For all Terms & Conditions please visit:

To begin with, Tringularity is not a project. It’s a brand, it’s a philosophy. But instead of “only” focusing on the end Product, which now mostly are NFT’s, we focus on building a sustainable eco system that allows Tringularity to re-invest into future projects and give back to the community from profits of previous projects. Our purpose is to make films, and despite the changes of technology, that will never change.

Hourglass is the proof of concept for the visual & artistic style which will be blended in all future Projects.

It’s the beginning of an adventure, but despite the outcome we will continue to make movies. This is not just a hype-train we want to ride. We want to make films, that inspire people around the world for the rest of our lives.

We use this new technology in order to change what doesn’t work the traditional way anymore.



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